Total Annihilation

now i succes takte down Ansharut tauhid for the second time.

this time the site taken down about 2 hours till this articel made.

after kill the now im anihhilatin the ansharut tauhid web.

now sn0wm4n own em’

3-0 score.


The Died of

Hello after succes dosing the the anarchy movement now i’ve made another acomplichment.
i have takdown a terorist website.
the reason i take down the website is because the US Claim that

JAT is and Indonesia extremist Jihadist.

now both of FPI nad JAT is still offline till this articles made.


this time i will target again.

and will take the site down for the next 4 hour.

Annual Friday Attack(#OpBlackFriday)

from now every friday i will do a counter measurements attack.

if want me to attack some site say it in comment and give me the reason.

i will try to take it down.

at least for a few hours. is back online is just back to online, time to take it down again !

How To Use Apollo

First Think is you need to disable your antivirus.


Follow my step 1 by 1, if still not understand comment here..

1.Open Apollo.exe

2.enter victim Website ([Enter]

3.Enter any open port (Usually 80 but if closed enter 25)[Enter]

4.Select Your Method is it GET or POST (Usually GET by Default)[Enter]

5.on randomize request you can select Yes(Y) or No(N) (By Default is (N))[Enter]

6.on timeout you can input 5 or 10 [Enter]

7.on Duration you can input 120 second which mean the attack is 120 second(2 minute) i usually put in 300 Second(5min)[Enter]

8.Number of thread by default is 250 but if you want some powerfull attack you can change it to 1000[Enter]

9.finally if you ready all you need is press the [Enter] Button and wait till the attack stoped.

Now all you need is sitting behind your computer and take some coffe and biscuits


Apollo (Verry Powerfull DoS Tool)

Hello There !

at last im deciding to release my tool to public first time

this tool is used to be to take down the

this tool is easy to use..

lets make it simple..

You can launch an attack simply by running the program & by setting the options or from a batch file:

URL [default:]: string, website’s URL (e.g.:
PORT [default:80]: int, website’s port (e.g.: 80)
METHOD [default:GET]: string, GET or POST (POST to bypass HttpReady) (e.g.: GET)
RANDOMIZE_REQUEST [default:N]: string, randomize request, Y for Yes or N for No (e.g.: N)
TIMEOUT [default:5]: int, send timeout in seconds (e.g.: 5)
DURATION [default:120]: int, attack duration in seconds (e.g.: 120)
MAX_THREADS [default:250]: int, number of threads (e.g.: 250)

“Apollo.exe” 80 GET N 5 120 250

download here :

Password(If Required) :h4ck4d0wn

typicaly if Port 80 is closed you can change it to 25 or any open port,to scan the open port visit :


Apollo is DoS Tool and Virus Free,Scan Result on

Regards, Sn0wm4n.

The Dead of

Hello there , im succes DoSing the

the reason im dosing the site because the content is too provocating the people.

and its no good.

im DoSing withour any help from friend,botnet,shell,Zombie PC,Voulunter,or something like that..

im using my own DoS tool,i named it Apollo.

its still in version because still in MS-DOS,no GUI

if i have time i will develop the Apollo or creating new One

sorry the video will catch up latter…

Just A Simple Hacker.

Hello there…

introducing my self, im Mr.sn0wm4n.

im creating this hack4down blog is just for education

im just simply think thats everything has its own ballance.

like bad and good they are ballanced.

its just depends on what side you are.

are u decide to be in the middle,or even both of them.

and one think you should remember, guerila warfare always wins against full weapons army.

because they are using asymetrical tactic.