How To Use Apollo

First Think is you need to disable your antivirus.


Follow my step 1 by 1, if still not understand comment here..

1.Open Apollo.exe

2.enter victim Website ([Enter]

3.Enter any open port (Usually 80 but if closed enter 25)[Enter]

4.Select Your Method is it GET or POST (Usually GET by Default)[Enter]

5.on randomize request you can select Yes(Y) or No(N) (By Default is (N))[Enter]

6.on timeout you can input 5 or 10 [Enter]

7.on Duration you can input 120 second which mean the attack is 120 second(2 minute) i usually put in 300 Second(5min)[Enter]

8.Number of thread by default is 250 but if you want some powerfull attack you can change it to 1000[Enter]

9.finally if you ready all you need is press the [Enter] Button and wait till the attack stoped.

Now all you need is sitting behind your computer and take some coffe and biscuits



About sn0wm4nh4ck

There always good and bad balance. they are Asymetrical same.

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  1. Just what I was looking for thanks for the info

  2. Excellent article, thanks.

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