Apollo (Verry Powerfull DoS Tool)

Hello There !

at last im deciding to release my tool to public first time

this tool is used to be to take down the fpi.or.id

this tool is easy to use..

lets make it simple..

You can launch an attack simply by running the program & by setting the options or from a batch file:

URL [default:]: string, website’s URL (e.g.: google.com)
PORT [default:80]: int, website’s port (e.g.: 80)
METHOD [default:GET]: string, GET or POST (POST to bypass HttpReady) (e.g.: GET)
RANDOMIZE_REQUEST [default:N]: string, randomize request, Y for Yes or N for No (e.g.: N)
TIMEOUT [default:5]: int, send timeout in seconds (e.g.: 5)
DURATION [default:120]: int, attack duration in seconds (e.g.: 120)
MAX_THREADS [default:250]: int, number of threads (e.g.: 250)

“Apollo.exe” google.com 80 GET N 5 120 250

download here :     http://www.mediafire.com/?z4255c5tqow7u28

Password(If Required) :h4ck4d0wn

typicaly if Port 80 is closed you can change it to 25 or any open port,to scan the open port visit :



Apollo is DoS Tool and Virus Free,Scan Result on Virustotal.com:


Regards, Sn0wm4n.


About sn0wm4nh4ck

There always good and bad balance. they are Asymetrical same.

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  1. is there any risk for get caught when we doing this Dosing?

  2. @Binder
    yes there is some risk to get caught.
    but if you dosing a website non government small posiblity to get caught.

  3. i’ve tried the tool,,,it’s cool
    but it is really bulls eye to target,how do we know they’ve got the packet? sorry i’m asking you to many, thanks for the tools anyway,,,

  4. @Binder
    you cannot take down a Medium-Big Website.
    its to heavy.

    if you want to attack some site just tweet me at:

    so we can do a coordinated attack against small websites

  5. will do,,,,i’ll follow your tweet then, thank you so much,,,,,

  6. @Binder
    just write down here what website are u DoSing
    and i will help you to take it down

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